Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lost in Space

Captain's Log - Day 9

Yesterday, disaster struck. We discovered that Beaver Hateman intended to beat us to the moon, Diggory Stigneev had wrecked our navigation equipment sending us off course, and had then pushed the Old Monkey out into space!

As soon as the dwarf re-entered the spaceship we clapped him in irons. Not surprisingly, he attempted to deny his actions. He claimed that he had not touched the navigation equipment even when we presented him with the evidence of his own pickaxe being used to sabotage it.

When questioned about the Old Monkey he made up some unlikely story of sighting a meteorite whose gravitational pull had dragged my faithful friend away. “He weren’t wearing his magnetic boots, you see? – they keep you anchored to the ship - I told him he should be wearing them for safety, but he says monkeys like to swing about!” argued Diggory.

“He is lying” squeaked up Professor Hismouth “there are no meteorites in this region of space – I suggest that you lock him up in the storage hold, whilst I work out a plan to rescue your friend.”

I thanked the Professor for his assistance, whilst Cloutman dragged the protesting dwarf away. Clearly, he had been bought off by Beaver Hateman.

My immediate concern is to rescue the Old Monkey before his air runs out.

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