Sunday, 20 July 2008

Moon Landing

Captain's Log - Day 14

At the calculated moment, I gave the order to begin our descent.
The cyclotronic particles were reversed so that they broke free from the pull of the meteorite and locked onto the gravity of the moon.

The pitted moonscape could be seen rolling past, as we began to slow, approaching Homeward Moonbase.

Cowgill released the tethering ropes and we could now see the dwarfs running around below ready to grab hold of them.

The Old Monkey, on lookout, began calling our height above ground.

“Twenty feet….ten….five…”

I ordered the cyclotron engines cut and there was a slight creak as the dwarfs pulled the ship into its cradle. All was still. We had landed on the moon.

As I opened the door and began to descend, to the loud applause of the dwarfs I thought back to my first words on our original landing on the moon….

“That's one small step for an elephant, but one giant leap for those of smaller stature….”

They have, of course, gone down in the annals of history.

My, how the dwarfs were pleased to see me!, shouting and whooping!

“I never expected such a boisterous welcome!” I said to the Old Monkey.

I was not happy with his reply - “I think they might be a bit worse for wear, actually Sir, there is a distinct smell of Black Tom in the air!”

"That's one small step for an elephant..."

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