Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hismouth revealed

Captain's Log - Day 11

Our mission has failed. We will not get to the Moon, now, in time for the 40th anniversary of our first landing.

Beaver will beat us.

Cowgill has calculated that Professor Hismouth had us on the wrong course for the last four days.

Not all is lost, however, we managed to rescue the Old Monkey from the meteorite. Diggory Stigneev was exceptionally brave and, using his mining skills, was able to secure our rocket to the meteorite and form a safe route for my trusted servant to return by.

I feel extremely guilty now that I ever mistrusted the dwarf. He is clearly, a remarkable fellow.

As we sat around the officers mess the communication scanner crackled into life.

"It's a transmission from the escape pod!" cried Cowgill.

A picture sprang into life on the monitor.

It was Professor Hismouth swigging from a bottle of Black Tom!

“Hi Unc! Guess who?” he said, proceeding to remove his spectacles and moustache revealing…..Hitmouse!

“Yep, you old tyrant! You’re done for now. We beat you! The Moon is ours…and we’ll soon have the red flag of Badfort flying over it. Don’t try landing on the moon because you will have a reception committee. Over and out!”

We all felt downcast…until Cowgill piped up.

“I think there may yet be a way to get there first!” he said.

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