Saturday, 17 September 2022

My brother Rudolph

My brother Rudolph has come on a visit. He spends a lot of time abroad because he is a big-game hunter and survival expert. Apparently he wants to lie low for a bit and escape the attentions of the gutter press. He got into a bit of a fight with his arch rival Bear Gruff. They both have their own television documentary series's about how to survive in inhospitable conditions. They are always arguing about survival methods and this often ends up in fisticuffs. It would not normally matter but, in this case, they were both supposed to be surviving in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada mountains and were actually getting drunk in the bar of a luxury resort hotel. As you can imagine the tabloids have been having a field day, particularly, as Rudolph had claimed he would be surviving on nothing but a knife and a water bottle. To be honest Rudolph can be a bit of a bore. He insists on giving us readings from his diary which is rather lengthy and repetitive. He also tends to be a bit boastful of his exploits. I am glad to say that this is not a family trait.

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