Saturday, 17 September 2022

Scurrilous Rag !

Today's Badfort News contained a libellous account of the incident at Watercress Lake last week. THE DICTATOR'S BIGGEST STEAL We have pointed out, again and again, that the Dictator of Homeward is a thief. The citizens of Badfort were peacefully laying claim to Watercress Lake when they suddenly found themselves being attacked by depth charges. The fat tyrant then deliberately sabotaged their vessel forcing Mister Hateman and Mister Hitmouse to flee. If it were not for their noble skills at swimming they would not have escaped with their lives. Uncle and his brutal followers just laughed at their predicament. I have had enough of this. The paper is a disgrace. It is always full of attacks against the people of Homeward, and against any sober, honest person or decent trader. The advertisements are also very low. Burglar outfits are offered for sale, also knuckedusters and false money. It's high time I put a stop to this. I shall call at the office of the Badfort News tomorrow, and make a complaint.

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