Saturday, 17 September 2022

End of the Pier Show

What a marvellous day it has been! My supporters organised a fantastic show in the pavilion at the end of the pier. Noddy Ninety sang and Wizard Blenkinsop gave an amazing display of the art of prestidigitation. This was followed by a performance of a play I had written myself on the dangers of revolutionary zeal called "Homeward - This Green and Pleasant Land". At the end of the performance a brass band began to play 'Hail to Glorious Uncle' and as I walked onto the stage a group of young badgers began to sing: "We love to hear of Uncle's deeds; He makes us feel so glad; His bounty makes the poor man rich And fills with joy the sad. "How vast his stores of ham and lard; How huge his vats of oil..." Unfortunately, at this point a raucous voice interrupted: "See that pompous humbug Unc On the platform raise his trunk... I felt that the only dignified course was to take no notice of this sordid and unfortunate incident. In the corner of my eye, though, I could see Beaver and Hitmouse bobbing around on a raft by the pier and making rude gesticulations towards me. I decided to make my short speech of farewell in which I thanked everyone for their support and hoped that the tourists would enjoy the rest of their holiday. Besides me were a whole pile of parcels containing items such as buckets and spades, rubber rings and water wings which I graciously offered as a token to their esteem. Everybody clapped and cheered and, despite the incident with Beaver, I felt it was a fitting ending to my time at Sunset Beach.

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  1. How well I remember this song:

    Don Guzman, Don Guzman, I call you to the meal.
    Don Guzman, Don Guzman, the price is but one real.
    There's hot baconario and bread and buttario
    Besides a cupario of tea.
    So get up your couragio and eat up your poragio.
    Come feast in the estancia with me!

    Glorious days of my childhood!