Saturday, 17 September 2022

Antony and Cleopatra

As you know I am a great enthusiast for the works of England's greatest playwright - Sir Ernest Wiseman OBE. Every Christmas I like to sit down in the fireplace of the Great Hall of Homeward and watch a videotape recording of one of his masterpieces. Last night we watched his great tragedy Antony and Cleopatra. I must say I was moved to tears by the tragic grandeur of their infatuation. Is their relationship one of love or lust? Is their passion wholly destructive, or does it also show elements of transcendence? Here is an excerpt for your delectation - the only element that mars this presentation is the fact that, for some reason, the audience keep laughing all the way through ? - the hoi-polloi often misunderstand the great playwrights - or perhaps it is nervous laughter ?, the audience falling into Wiseman's ingenious trap: the playwright has devilishly induced the audience into involuntarily laughing at the drama of the events.

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