Saturday, 17 September 2022

A Fierce Battle

This morning, Beaver Hateman and his gang of villains made an attack on Homeward armed with their latest weapon the Johnny Seven (OMA) gun. But we were prepared, I had surrounded the courtyard of the Great Hall with followers - armed with high power treacle hoses. I had ordered the that only light resistance should be made so that as soon as they burst through the gates we would have them trapped and surrounded. My plan worked perfectly, I knew that once the firing pins of the Johnny Seven (OMA)'s were sufficiently engulfed in treacle they would be useless. Unfortunately, they were still able to let off some initial salvos of Duck Bombs - one of which hit me square on the trunk. Totally incapacitated, I found myself trapped in the deluge of treacle. Beaver had also been mired in the flood and for a brief moment the hostilities of battle were put aside as we aided each other to escape the quagmire. Of course, I did not allow the sentiment of this isolated incidence of camaraderie to prevent me giving him a good kicking up as soon as the effects of the Duck Bomb wore of.

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