Saturday, 17 September 2022

A Musical Soiree

We had a meeting with my New York publishers today. They are very excited about publishing some of my poetry and particularly my plays. They much prefer my version of 'Romeo and Juliet', with the happy ending, to that dreadfully dreary version by Shakespeare. We got back to the Waldorf Astoria and found it besieged by my fans. Word had obviously got around that I was having a musical evening at the Penthouse Suite. The evening was a great success until my big set was ruined by some raucous singing from the street below. It was particularly annoying that the NYPD did not move them on - in fact they actually joined in singing 'Galway Bay' and then a rather insulting version of "Fairy Tale of New York City" that had the following lyrics:- You are fat You are a tyrant Elephant of new york city When you finished playing They howled out thank god Beaver was swinging, All the drunks they were singing We busked on a corner Then danced through the night I am going to have a word with the Mayor and see if the miscreant supporters of the Badfort Crowd who caused this street concert can be tracked down and suitably punished.

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