Saturday, 17 September 2022

Class Divide

A recent poll of the inhabitants of Homeward has shown, sadly, that my domain is still deeply divided by social status. I feel quite hurt that, despite all my attempts to create a land of aspiration and social mobility, many of the dwarves still insist on calling themselves Working Class. Of course, I have every right to call myself Working Class. Certainly, I have progressed from lowly origins to the position of authority and wealth I have now, however, regular readers will know the long hours that are involved in running my vast domain. The truth, though, is that I am Upper Class now - the inevitable result of becoming a celebrity. Never let it be said that I have forgotten my humble past, but, I now know the correct time for tea-time. It is when I ring the bell for the Old Monkey to fetch it.

1 comment:

  1. Lower the rents and allow free entry to the Swimming Baths, give out 1/2p tokens for Cheapmans and the class divides will fall !
    Comrades, Badgers and citizens of Badfort ! We have nothing to fear but the Owl of Owl Springs ! Rise up and topple the fat dictator of Homeward from his ivory tower !