Saturday, 17 September 2022

Halloween Night in the Haunted Tower

We had an enchanting evening in the Haunted Tower. From a distance it's enormous black hulk looms over you. You enter through a passage that leads to a kind of Hotel lounge. The walls are mildewed and hung with spiders' webs and the carpet is rat-eaten. At the reception desk a tall cadaverous man welcomed us. The party took place in an old medieval hall with an enormous fire burning in a fireplace that filled a whole wall. The high point of the evening was when Wizard Blenkinsop brought the suits of armour, that lined the walls, to life and the witches, in return, turned an army of frogs into knights. The two armies then put on a display of mock fighting. At the end of the evening we retired to bed for a good haunting. I chose this room, because I remembered that Hitmouse had found it particularly scary. Once in the room, I could see nothing at first and so was somewhat disappointed. The bed was very comfortable, though, and I was just nodding off when I heard a low groan. Suddenly a very small ghost appeared, made of something like thick fog, standing on the bedside table. It stood there muttering "I did it! I took the strawberry jam!" To be polite I pretended to tremble with fear, but I think that he could see through my act. "You are not scared at all are you ?" he moaned "I am such a failure as a ghost just like I was in real life." I reminded him that he had managed to put the wind up Hitmouse....but had to admit that this was not especially difficult given his cowardly nature. I ended up having to give the ghost a good pep-talk. It was clear that he had never managed to overcome the incident in his childhood when he had stolen preservatives from his mothers larder. Clearly there were issues here that needed to be dealt with and I recommended a psychoanalyst. I felt sure a good Freudian or Jungian would have the answers to his lack of haunting skills. I suspect he has a mother fixation. In the end I had a very interesting evening in discussion with the diminutive sprite about understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of dreams, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy. I told him he had a very important job as modern humans rely too heavily on science and logic and benefit greatly from integrating spirituality and an appreciation of the unconscious realm by being scared witless.


  1. That is a gross libel. My lawyers shall be in contact shortly.