Saturday, 17 September 2022

Who sat next to me?

Never mind the world economic stimulus, I know that, who sat next me? is the burning question you all want answered. Well here is the all important seating plan for dinner at Downing Street, last night. As you can imagine, it was quite a game of diplomatic musical chairs as everyone wanted to sit near me. It has to be said, it was a bit of a tight squeeze on my side of the table. "Shove up, Barack!" I said good heartedly "This is half the size of my banqueting table, you know!" Everyone shuffled along a bit and we all fitted in eventually. Luckily, the Korean President is only a little chap so he did not take up much room on my left. The German lady and that funny French man were a bit sulky - I don't think he was too happy with the "best of British" menu. He kept complaining it was too stodgy for his tastes. I gave him a withering look and he could tell that I would brook no storming off. There was a lot of, frankly, rather boring talk of reshaping capitalism and reviving the stalled global economy. I do wish that people would not talk shop at dinner. I soon had them in stitches, however, as I regaled them with some of my funniest anecdotes about Beaver Hateman's antics and his foiled attempts to usurp me. More tedious discussions today.

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