Saturday, 17 September 2022

Observation Roof

Yesterday we went to the Observation Roof at the Rockefeller Centre. You shoot up the first sixty stories in a non-stop elevator, then change to another and go up the remaining floors and step out on to this roof and see one of the great views of the world. It is not as good as the view across Homeward, of course, but I always feel a sense of pride in the fact that this great city took it's inspiration from my own home. It is quite a tremendous view, the huge sweep of sky, the sunlight cutting out the buildings like the jagged rocks on a giant's causeway. The Observation Roof itself is beautifully designed for its purpose, like the deck of a ship. Sadly there was a bit of an incident when we arrived. Two ruffians knocked us flying as we ascended the stairs. They were dressed in costumes to look like us! It transpired that they had been conning the visitors using some card chicanery. On being found out they had made a run for it and the tourists giving chase grabbed hold of us - assuming that they had caught the villains. Luckily I managed to convince them that I was the real 'Uncle', and in order that my good name would not be besmirched I made sure that they got their money back and then treated them to a slap up meal at the restaurant. They all toasted me and insisted on a chorus of 'For he's a jolly good elephant, and so say all of us' As I gazed out across Manhattan in the evening glow of sunset - I could not but feel rather pleased with myself. As always my generosity had turned a crisis into a triumph.


  1. Dear Mr Elephant

    I love your blog it is like really cool.

    I am a famous chanteuse myself, and I think it is wonderful how you cope with all the demands of celebrity with nothing stronger than a bucket of cocoa to keep you going.

    I have a serious black tom habit myself - it has made my hair go all huge and it is like seriously messing with my music man, which is really bad.

    Anyway got to go now

    see ya

    Sobriety Teahouse

  2. Dear Ms Teahouse,

    You really must try to kick the Black Tom habit. Might I suggest Gleamhound's Alcoholic Beverage Improver - like all his products it has the opposite effect. You will hate the taste of any alcohol after just 1 teaspoon.

    All the Best