Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Beaver stakes claim to Watercress Lake

Although we were trapped all night in the Maestro's hut it was not to bad. A bit snug, as most of the room is taken up with a Grand Piano, but the Little Lion rustled up a very fine dinner.

In the morning Cowgill arrived with a band of my followers. We decided that the best thing to do would be to force the monster to the surface with depth charges.

Before long the Monster had clearly had enough and broke the surface. To our astonishment the head appeared to be attached to a small submarine. Leering out of the windows were Beaver and Hitmouse making rude gestures at us. Beaver poked his head out of the hatch at the top. It transpired that they had been using the disguise of a monster to scare away the local residents whilst they laid claim to Watercress Lake and it's valuable harvest.

"There's nothing you can do about it Fatty" cried Beaver "We discovered an underground stream from Badfort and as this Tower is clearly linked to our land we have every right to claim it!"

"Nonsense" I declared. Beaver just laughed and said "Too late - we have already planted our flag on the bottom of the lake!.. and we are now the sole purveyors of watercress in Homeward."

We were just wondering how to respond to this grotesque act of piracy when the Lake solved our problem for us. The propellers of the sub had become caught up in the watercress and their infernal machine was now being dragged down by the weight of the plants.

With cries of "Sabotage!" and "Land Thief!" Beaver and Hitmouse abandoned ship and swam to the side of the lake. Looking bedraggled and covered in watercress they were last seen escaping down a rope ladder at the side of the tower.

Good riddance!

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