Sunday, 15 July 2007

Portrait of a humble elephant

Well here I am writing my first blog. The Old Monkey insisted I get up to date with the modern world and the interweb. Apparently it is a way for me to connect with the tenants of my vast domain – Homeward. He says they all surf this new information highway thingy. Sounds to me like those dwarves have too much spare time.

The Old Monkey says that even the Queen of England is getting in on this new fangled accessibility thing

I bet her blogs boring – just a lot of stuff about Corgi’s I suspect.

Well she is, not boasting of course, not as rich as me – so if it is good enough for her I’ll give it a go.

As you can imagine I am still quite furious about my treatment by the Badgertown Broadcasting Corporation in the recent documentary they showed profiling my good works and myself.

They claim that Badfort TV sabotaged the tape. If you saw it you will know that it gave the impression that I ruthlessly kicked up Waldovenison Smeare whilst he was attempting to paint a commemorative portrait of me in full regalia. I admit that, after many hours of sittings, I became somewhat furious at the crude likeness of me that resulted. But the kicking up only occurred when I discovered that The Badfort Crowd had kidnapped Waldovenison, with the original painting.

I was actually kicking up Beaver Hateman who was disguised as Waldovenison – he had demanded £1,000,000 for the safe return of the painting and the painter.

I can’t say I’m that bothered about the painting but I suppose we had better try and rescue poor old Waldo….

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  1. Good Morning Uncle

    It is so good to have such a fine fellow as yourself join us in cyberspace.

    After livening up my childhood no end, you now do the samne for my own children. Long may you continue to do so- in print and online and, maybe on tv or cinema too one fine day...

    Chrissy Brand