Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Sting

The sting operation worked!

The Old Monkey let it be known that he was interested in purchasing the famous portrait of the two of us by the renowned artist Waldovenison Smeare.

The portrait hangs in my office so we knew that anyone claiming to have it would be a charlatan.

Before long the Old Monkey received a scrawled letter inviting him to a meeting at a secluded ramshackle hut on the outskirts of Badfort.

Myself, A.B.Fox, Cloutman, Gubbins and members of the Badgertown constabulary hid ourselves in the environs of the hut whilst the meeting took place. The Old Monkey wore a wire.

Before long Jellytussle turned up and attempted to sell the portrait to him for $10 million dollars! He even had the cheek to try and persuade him to buy a copy of one of his own paintings, Sunrise over Badfort !

The painting hangs in Homeward Art Gallery! - it is a truly awful abstract. One can only assume that the curator must have been bribed into buying it.

As the money was about to change hands we swooped. The constables carted Jellytussle off for what, I hope, will be a long sojourn at the King of the Badgers pleasure.

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