Tuesday, 27 January 2009


The King of the Badgers has had to give two badgers from the House of Badgers a right dressing down.

As you may know, whilst any inhabitant of Badgertown can be elected to the Town Council, only those with true Badger blood can stand in the Upper Chamber - 'The House of Badgers'.

Therefore, although Noddy Ninety is Mayor (and clearly not a badger), amendments can be made to legislation by the House of Badgers.

It turns out that some rather naughty badgers have been taking bribes from Beaver Hateman and, in return, have sought to amend the tax regulations on the sale of Black Tom.

The King is, not surprisingly, absolutely furious. They have not merely breached the 'House of Badgers' rules, but are guilty of corrupt practices.

He has invoked the harshest sanction and the badgers are to spend the next month sitting on the naughty step under the speakers chair.

Quite right to, I might add.


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