Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Over Christmas, Cowgill has been very busy. We have encased Homesea in a giant plastic dome.

Our purpose is to dedicate a facility that will help us push back the boundaries of the unknown - Homesea is know an Antarctic Research Station!

I think that, even if I say so myself, it is another one of my brilliant ideas!

I have renamed it Domesea and will soon be offering package holidays to this unique destination!

Though high levels of physical exertion or fitness are not required, this is certainly not a passive destination. Remote, pristine and still little visited, Antarctica by its very nature means that people will experience a hands-on exploration with a group of curious, energetic, like-minded fellow passengers, led by veteran lecturer (Noddy Ninety) on expeditions that bring this incredible environment within reach.

But do not fear, these holidays won't all be about dry scientific stuff. They will still include all the paraphernalia of a traditional seaside vacation, but unaffected by vagaries of the weather!- by virtue of the protective dome.

There will be sunbathing and sandcastle building on the beach, Punch and Judy Shows and Cream Teas (available at Chez Oncle)

Beaver Hateman is absolutely furious. "I would never have left if I knew that Fat Dictator was going to work out some way of making money out of the place! I urge all listeners to boycott this vile enterprise!" he declared on Badfort Radio last night.


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