Monday, 20 July 2009

41st Anniversary of Moon Landing

Today is the 41st Anniversary of my first landing on the moon.

As you will remember, last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary by returning and sorting out a bit of bother that the dwarfs mining on the moon had got into.

One year after my first landing, some Americans turned up on the moon. We thought it best to keep quiet about our own presence. Over the next few years they left rather a lot of junk to clear up but, as I suspected, they soon got bored and stopped coming.

They are still under the illusion that they arrived first - and I think it best that they do not find out how lucrative Helium 3 mining is.

I am often asked what happened to all the discarded American Lunar Modules?

Clearly we could not let them crash on the moon - for they could have landed on one of our mining operations, damaging equipment and putting the lives of dwarfs at risk.

So we would collect them from lunar orbit and let off a small explosion on the surface so that the Americans would think that they had crashed on the moon.

I can now reveal that I have the actual Apollo 11 Lunar Module, here at Homeward, in my Space Museum.

Here is a picture taken today of me sitting in it.

I have had to make some adaptations. It needed to be strengthened a little as it was designed for two humans - an elephant is somewhat heavier.

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