Friday, 4 January 2008

Snow Elephant

Yesterday it snowed relentlessly for the whole day. We awoke this morning to find a giant snow elephant outside the walls of Homeward. It is quite spectacular - twice the size of a double decker bus.

When went to investigate we discovered a note:-

Dear Uncle,

I have long been an admirer of your philanthropic works. Being a multi-millionaire myself, I appreciate that many people are not at all gracious for the bounteous help what we give them. I felt that you deserved a reward for all your great deeds and therefore had my minions construct this snow sculpture depicting your wondrous self.
It sits on a hidden wheeled platform and I hope it will make a suitable decoration for the Great Courtyard of Homeward.

Happy New Year

Sir Breave Nanthem

I must admit I have never heard of the fellow but it is nice to know that ones charitable efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The Old Monkey was extremely excited at the prospect of spending many playful hours sliding done my trunk. The sculpture's that is.

Cowgill soon had a teams of dwarfs dragging it through the gates of Homeward and I must admit it looks splendid in the Courtyard.

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