Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Case of Black Tom - Part Six

Once more we all gathered in the fireplace in the Great Hall of Homeward, last night, to hear the next episode in A.B.Fox's adventure....

It looked like Beaver Hateman had finally bested me. My new partner, Dolores, and I were trapped in a sports-car falling between the lifting roadways on Tower Bridge.

“Hang on to your hat, Mr. Fox” shouted Dolores as she pressed a button below the gearstick. Suddenly, our seats shot into the air. I mentally thanked Jimmy Saville for instilling in me as a child the dictum “Clunk-Click” every trip.

Zooming up into the sky provided a wonderful view of London. When a fox is tired of London, he is tired of life, or so the saying goes…but as I hurtled back down towards the bright lights I was beginning to wonder whether life was about to get tired of me. Dolores just looked over and smiled as parachutes shot out from the back of the seats and billowed open above us.

We landed gently in the courtyard of the Tower of London. Dolores helped me to my feet. What a dame. I looked at her askance. “You weren’t just rescuing a kitten were you.” I enquired, smiling. “No, Special Agent Dolores Fox – at your service. Colonel Lungy could not get Scotland Yard to believe his, admittedly rather bizarre, story. So he called on Uncle. My organization is known as the “Foxes from Uncle.” replied Dolores fluttering her, rather beautiful, eyelashes. “Well, lets get on and sort out the Badfort Crowd, shall we?” I conjectured. “Yes, lets.” she declared.

It did not take long to find them. All the doors were wide open. Clearly the Black Tom induced mesmer had worked on the Beefeater. We walked straight into the Jewel House.

Siggi was trying to hide the Imperial State Crown under his cloak. Hitmouse was trying to saw the Sceptre in half. Beaver had stuck the Orb down his sackcloth robe. “This is what I call striking a blow against Sovereign Government – Power to the People!” shouted Beaver. “Yeah – should fetch a bob or two melted down an’all.” squealed Hitmouse gleefully. Then they spotted us. They all charged and I must admit Dolores put up a hell of a fight. The Queen of martial arts, indeed. But we were soon driven back, by sheer weight of numbers, to the White Tower. We climbed the stairs to the top but were not chased by are assailants. “Why do you think they have not followed us Mr. Fox ?” said a puzzled Dolores. “I fear they have other plans for us, my dear.” I answered pointing below. Beaver and his gang were piling up explosives around the base of the tower.

They were going to blow us to Kingdom Come.

Another exciting episode....of course, I know how the story ends.

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