Monday, 26 January 2009


I am so glad that they have let my good friend, Barack, keep his Blackberry device.

Only this morning I got a text from him thanking me for all my help and to let me know that he had chosen Homeward for his first foreign state visit.

I am so annoyed, however, at the way in which our relationship has been exploited for marketing purposes.

There is an ice cream that is using our images - I would have preferred banana flavour, personally, but I can see how they wanted to use my catchphrase in the name.

As for the cognac ad - I never touch the stuff.

I am not happy about the soft toys that are being sold of myself and Barack's children. I know that I am loved by children everywhere, but frankly this makes me look a bit ridiculous.

Wosrt of all, however, is the advert that uses lookalikes of the President and I to sell, of all things, indigestion tablets!

Everyone knows that I only use Gleamhound's Indigestion Producer for Enemies (have I mentioned that all his cures work backwards?) to relieve my gastric ailments.

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