Thursday, 14 August 2008

Homeward Olympics 2008

I have hardly had time to catch my breath after my trip to the moon.

As soon as we returned I had to perform the civic duty of hosting the Opening Ceremony of the Homeward Olympics 2008.

It was all going rather well until it was discovered that Hitmouse had dressed up as a little girl again and pretended to sing "Hail to Uncle'. It turned out that Beaver had kidnapped a young dwarf, who was supposed to perform, and forced her to sing while Hitmouse mimed. I immediately became suspicious when the words "Hail to Beaver" were substituted for my own name.

Beaver then had the cheek to claim that the Badfort Crowd were merely seeking the "best voice and the best performer" for such an important ceremony - and anyway he was sick of the whole event being hijacked to bolster the ego of some jumped up elephant!

The whole farrago got worse.

Beaver has managed to bag himself a world record 12 Gold Medals!

He has won Gold for the "Yard of Black Tom' competition, Long Distance Skewering (even beating Hitmouse), brawling, the One-Legged Donkey Race (there was only one entrant!), haranguing polemics, both the Short and the Long Con (he managed to trick a number of people into buying fraudulent tickets for the event and sell the Stadium to a rich Texan), mud throwing, food eating (24 large hams!), debt collection (a lot of dwarfs will be ruing attending that event), the raucous singing competition, and the Stolen Bicycle Race!

You might well ask how all these strange sports came to be part of the Olympics?

So did I !

A.B.Fox interrogated the Olympic Committee - and it turned out that they had all been bribed by Beaver Hateman!

Needless to say, I won a Gold for my skills at Kicking Up - and I am sure you can guess who the recipient of the Kicking Up was.

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