Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lion Tower - To the Lighthouse

We had to re-take the lighthouse before Beaver and his gang could turn off the light and carry out their plan of stealing the cargo of the wrecked ships.

A fierce battle ensued all the way up the spiral staircase - but we had soon fought our way up to the lantern room.

There, Beaver and his gang, dressed as pirates had erected a large wooden plank which jetted out from the parapet. Captain Walrus had been forced to walk to the edge and now stood precariously looking over the abyss that yawned below him.

High above Lion Tower, the lighthouse kept up its swaying motion and I feared for the Captain's ability to maintain his foothold.

Through a megaphone Beaver shouted his demands. "Keep back, Unc or the Captain is in for a long drop - ain't that right me hearties !" he extolled his motley crew.

"Don't listen to him, Sir !" cried Captain Walrus "The light must not go out!"

Jubber Vanty whispered in my ear "If you could just distract them for a moment, Sir, I think I have a solution to our problem."

"Alright Beaver - I know what your after it's the tanker of Black Tom isn't it?" I shouted. This took him by surprise and his eyes all agleam he asked "What tanker of..."

But before he could get any further Jubber sprayed him with his plastic solution.
He had handed cans to all my followers who following his actions sprayed the rest of the Badfort Crowd.

Beaver and co were encased in plastic straitjackets !

"A special design, Sir - commissioned by the Badgertown Police to deal with recalcitrant dwarfs." said Jubber smiling.

I must say it was an excellent days work and with Beaver and his gang safely incarcerated in the cellars of Lion Tower I can look forward to the rest of my trip passing without anymore unfortunate incidents.

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