Thursday, 30 August 2007

Proud user of L.s.d

Whilst surfing the waves of the information highway I came across this blog by Ms Sara from the publishers of my biography in New York (must pop along and visit them soon - I believe the city is very much modeled on Homeward).

I feel I should point out, however, certain factual errors in the blog.

Whilst it is true that Great Britain no longer uses the monetary system known as £sd or L.s.d. (meaning "pounds, shillings and pence"-the term originated from the Latin "librae, solidi, denarii" hence the use of the hatched "L" (£) for pounds and "d" for pence) we at Homeward are still staunchly loyal users of the currency.

I often say to the Old Monkey, when he complains about counting all these fiddly little coins on Rent Day, look after your farthings and the pounds will look after themselves.

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