Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I am having a well-earned rest in Homesea.

Homesea is a little seaside village just outside the walls of Homeward on the coastal side.

It was included in the deeds of Homeward, and I have erected a tower which serves as a holiday home.

If you click on the map below you can see a larger version which details various locations within this pretty village.

Homesea is surrounded by flat marshlands that stretch as far as the steep walls of Homeward. Hundreds of years ago, before the sea had gone away from it and left the marshes and flat fields for sheep to graze on, the village had been nearly an island.

It is full of little cobbled streets and oak-beamed whitewashed cottages.

Every morning the fishermen depart from the Strand Quay. A little further down, past the oldest gasworks in Homeward, is Homesea's windmill.

The village has it's own railway station. Noddy Ninety has taken a holiday job as station master. There is nothing he likes more than railways - so for him it is the perfect vacation.

There are teashops and souvenir shops dotted all around the village to cater for the tourists - I am very fond of a cream tea.

We have arrived on a very blustery, rainy Autumn day but at least, at this time of year,it is a lovely quiet spot - a perfect place for me to forget all the cares and woes of running a great metropolis. Moreover, it provides a welcome shelter from the financial storms raging around the world.

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  1. Is Homesea near Comfort Cove ?

  2. No, Comfort Cove is a snug little bay further along the coast, past Badfort. It is a small town at the top of a smooth U-shaped dent in the coastline. It is approached by a narrow, neat valley.

    Of course, Homesea is now many hundreds of miles from it - off the coast of Africa, and still drifting South as I write this.

  3. Ah, Continental Drift, that explains it all !
    Wolf Lodge would be so out of place in Homesea, The Wheel House where Mona Washford was imprisoned by Lovebug Thorsby seems more in keeping with the spirit of the front at Homesea !