Saturday, 25 August 2007

Lonely at the Top

Saturday. Rent Day. As you know many dwarfs live in the top storeys of Homeward. I only charge them a farthing a week, but it mounts up when there are thousands of them.

They all come to pay on a Saturday and Homeward Hall is always full of a pushing, yelling mass of the little men.

Today, they were packed in so closely that the Old Monkey was able to run rapidly over their heads to see me and then back again to his duties.

Of course they also had to be fed. When they had paid they struggled back through the crowd to the green space in front of Homeward, where I had provided for each of them a linen bag containing raisins, bananas and motoring chocolate.

So, after all, their rent is not excessive.

A feeling of ennui descended over me during the proceedings.

I admit that I tend to shed a tear when I think of my humble beginnings and the bitterness of my early struggles, but at least it was exciting. I was building my fortune - now look at me. A life full of responsibilities and administrative duties in order to bring happiness to my tenants. But what of my happiness?

I am loathe to admit it, but sometimes I even look forward to the regular spats with my least they liven things up a bit.

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