Thursday, 6 September 2007

Apology - Normal service will be resumed shortly

Many apologies to all my fans.It appears that the computers at Homeward have been 'broken' into by Hootman, the arch contriver of schemes against myself. He works for Beaver Hateman. Hootman is a shadowy figure, all vague and misty. Really he is a sort of ghost, but a very inferior one. Other ghosts will have nothing to do with him, so he has to live at Badfort. Apparently his non-corporeal nature makes it very easy for him to manifest himself within machines such as computers.

Cowgill assures me that he will soon be able to create a robust defence against this "cyber warfare" and prevent any further brutal attacks.

In the meantime here is the classic interlude film from the Badgertown Broadcasting Corporation - of the famous windmill (An exact copy of the one at Bury St Edmunds) I had built for decorative purposes just outside Homeward.

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  1. I love this classic interlude! If you and the Badgertown Broadcasting Corporation don't mind, I just might use it too.

  2. Dear Ms Julie,

    By all means use this wonderful televisual feast - I hope that it engenders a feeling of calm in all viewers.

    Yours Sincerely