Friday, 7 September 2007

The Second Volume of my Biography

My fans will be pleased to hear that the second volume of the biography of my life written by J.P.Martin is to be republished next Autumn.

The sad news is that I have had to issue the Old Monkey with a severe reprimand. He is responsible for transcribing my dictaphone recordings for interweb purposes and has been guilty of some gross, error's in the use of comma's apostrophe's and General Punctuation.

Remember, without General Punctuation we would never have won the Battle of Portaloo.

The Old Monkey got really cross and excused me of being an arch-pedant, annually retentive, and a grammer and language snob. He stormed off saying I should be more interested in using a living language than one set in stone.

Perhaps he just needs a holiday?

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