Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Uncle's Culinary Delights

Now people are accusing me of faking it in my cookery programme for the Badgertown Broadcasting Corporation.

Let me assure you that it really is the actual Kitchen and Great Hall of Homeward that you see me working in. It would require the budget of a Hollywood movie to recreate them in a studio.

Nor do we fake the guests that drop in to see me and sample my fine foods.

Gordon really did throw a bit of a strop when I (perhaps somewhat insensitively) mentioned that I had dined at his restaurant on my trip to New York and had not been terribly impressed.

I did have to tell Jamie to take his feet off the table.

The spat between Simon and Alan was absolutely genuine. Alan made the mistake of saying that Simon's programme was trash and then Simon made some retort about the nodding dogs you see in the back of cars.

When it came to fisticuffs, A.B.Fox really did have to throw them out. There was no fakery.

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