Friday, 11 January 2008

Mig's Outburst

My Head Chef, the dwarf Mig, has been forced to make an apology to the staff of Cheapman's store for an outburst in which he criticised the store for its lack of involvement with the use of oxy-acetylene gas for cooking.

Mig uses an oxy-acetylene gas stove. He stands on it to work and wears dark glasses, or else the glare would ruin his eyes. He has long been a proponent of this style of cooking, and has achieved a great deal of celebrity on the television extolling its virtues. However, it is looked on by many as being excessively dangerous.

Mig has also for a long time been the face of Cheapman's Stores in his advertising campaigns but was furious when Mr Cheapman failed to turn up for a debate on the merits of oxy-acetylene cooking. He told reporters: "It is shocking that the people that I work for did not turn up on the day. I do not know why. The fact that your PR department has not even got the confidence to turn up and talk about what you do ... how dare they not? I was really upset."

But Mig was forced to write the letter of apology, that was sent to 150,000 staff after a tense telephone conversation between Mr Cheapman and the TV chef.

I cannot say that I was very happy about Mig using his position as my Head Chef to gain celebrity. I hope he has learnt a salutary lesson from this.

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