Friday, 8 February 2008

Lion Tower - A Visit to Captain Walrus

Lion Tower is the highest tower in my castle and there are a hundred or more storeys - so we have set aside a whole week to explore it.

Doctor Lyre has written a whole book about it called The History of Lion Tower and we shall be using it as our guide - even though it is full of inaccuracies.

First of all, though, I wished to pay a visit on my old friend Captain Walrus. There is a good sized lake at the top of Lion Tower, and at the edge of it is a sturdy tower, approached by a massive staircase. On the top of this is the lighthouse where Captain Walrus lives.

The lighthouse is a tight, snug little place but it sways about a bit, being so high up. It can make one feel a bit sea sick. It is a good idea to take one of Gleamhound's "Sickness Producer for Enemies" tablets - as his concoctions always work backwards it is a valuable remedy for queasiness.

We had a capital seafaring meal prepared by Captain Walrus's man, Joe Weasel. It was just sea-biscuits, salt pork and, in my honour, plum duff, but we enjoyed it a good deal and afterwards I had a lie down in the hammock that Captain Walrus had specially made for me on my last visit. It took one hundred and eighty yards of sailcloth to make. The gentle swaying of the tower soon sent me off to sleep.

Tomorrow we will investigate Mister Jubber Vanty - we had spotted a mysterious sign on one of the landings on a previous visit to Lion Tower and had always meant to look him up.

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