Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Bendy Transport Solutions

One of the hot topics of debate in the Mayoral election has been how to solve Badgertown's transport problems.

The incumbent Mayor, Ken Goat, favours a bent bus. It has a kink in it and is very long. He has been riding around in it campaigning.

Boris Badger, who is a bit of a cycling enthusiast, prefers the idea of bendy tricycles. They bend in the middle so can be easily folded. He proposes giving them out to all the inhabitants of Badgertown.

Meanwhile, Noddy Ninety is singing the virtues of the steam driven bendy tram like this one.

Whoever wins though, I feel sure that I can persuade them of the merits of my own solution - the trans-dimensional bendy bus. As more passengers get on it expands inwards creating additional room. It is truly bendy in all spatial dimensions. This is a prototype that Cowgill has made.

These buses will soon pay for themselves as they will contain infinite retail space and leisure facilities. The only problem maybe persuading passengers to get off them once they reach their destination.

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