Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Spaghetti Harvest

After the debacle of the libel trial I have decided to try and relax for a bit. All that anger is not good for my blood pressure.

I thought I would pop over and see how Butterskin Mute was getting on with the Spaghetti Harvest.

Mute is the best farmer in the neighbourhood and he supplies me with fresh vegetables. He's a little, smiling man, and he sometimes wears spade boots. These boots have short spades attached to them for digging.

He looked low-spirited, so I asked him if it was not a good crop this year.

"It was all going so well," he said sadly "We have had no problems with the spaghetti weevil, and the weather has been so perfect. But that Beaver Hateman and his gang have been over in the middle of the night and stolen half the crop!"

Is this man to dog my path forever?

Still, I found a very interesting documentary on the great Swiss spaghetti harvest of 1957 that I think you will enjoy.


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