Friday, 2 May 2008

The Best Man Wins!

Well, that was a close run election!

All through the count the candidates were neck and neck. In fact, at the end of the day all of them had exactly the same number of votes.

It was at that point that I remembered that I had purchased a little pied-à-terre, for the Old Monkey, in Badgertown. He uses it to meet up with his old pals from the jungle, and they reminisce about past escapades over a banana daiquiri or two.

Does that mean that he is entitled to vote in the election? - I wondered to the King of the Badgers.

"Indeed it does!" he exclaimed. It was a little unusual to allow someone to vote after the polling stations had been closed, he said, but they could certainly make an exception for such a distinguished citizen as the Old Monkey.

So, Hoorah! - Noddy Ninety was declared the winner (after I had advised the Old Monkey on the best way to cast his vote).

That what I like to see - Democracy in action!

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