Friday, 31 October 2008

The Wicker Elephant

Beaver Hateman seems to have cast a spell over the villagers - they are all totally enthralled by him.

This evening he held a Mardi Gras Halloween procession to celebrate the new found wealth of the village.

The people wend their way through the cobbled streets and eventually the procession arrived at the shore. The centre piece of the festival was a wicker elephant - clearly an effigy of myself.

Beaver offered a sacrifice of Black Tom to the heroes of revolution. This sacrifice consisted of downing a barrel of the noxious brew in one.

I tried to remonstrate with the crowd. There would inevitably be a price to pay for this unbridled infatuation with sensual pleasures and scandalous activities.

They called me a spoilsport and a killjoy.

How soon they forget the grand festivities that I have hosted for the people of Homeward.

Beaver then set the wicker elephant afire declaring its destruction was a symbol of the return to the old ways of unrestricted fun.

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