Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Badfort Reborn

As you know, Gordon Brown, under the influence of one of Gleamhound's potions, agreed to rebuild Badfort - providing that it was done by British workmen.

I looked out from Homeward, at the building site, and my heart sank.

Beaver has insisted that it be rebuilt to the exact specification of the previous ramshackle edifice.

The British workmen must be in great distress - clearly not used to erecting such jerry built constructions.

Beaver was sitting with his feet up in a chair, jar of Black Tom by his side, directing operations.

A group of badgers came to protest at the use of foreign labour.

"Shut up complaining, badgers!" he cried "If your King wer'nt such a skin flint you could have had the jobs - that'll learn you for cow towing to badgers in ermine. Look at these wonderful British workers - you don't see them being so subservient do you?"

Then he spotted some of the builders brewing up.

"Oi - what you fink your doing?" he shouted "No time for bloomin' tea breaks - get back to work or I'll send you packing! - youse only agency workers you know!"


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