Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Gordon and Barack have been droning on about the "special relationship" between their countries and Homeward.

I think that can be interpreted as merely diplomatic speak for "can we borrow some money?"!!

I know that Gordon is keen for me to back his ambitious plans for the G20 summit in London in April.

I expect I'll have to make some speech to explain to them how they can sort things out.

Gordon really gets on my nerves sometimes, yesterday he said in a BBC interview "I think there is always a need for humility and there's always a need to accept collective responsibility..."

Lord knows I am a humble elephant, grateful for the good fortune that has made me the figure I am today, and mindful of my civic duty.

But let me remind you, I am where I am today by virtue of the fact that I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and moved on.

I reminded Gordon that I was in no way responsible for this mess, I have always held the purse strings to my treasury tight. No willy nilly lending to disreputable types like the Badfort Crowd, and certainly no financial shenanigans.

"Prudence, always my watch word" I told him.

He just blushed and looked embarrassed.

Honestly, sometimes they are like a couple of naughty schoolchildren, I am sure they were joking about my rectitude behind my back.

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