Friday, 15 May 2009

Fermenting Revolution

The last time that we had a situation as dire as this was the infamous 'Battle for Badgertown' when Beaver and his cronies attempted to take the Town Hall by force and I had to defend the sovereignty of the King of the Badgers by wielding the great town mace - onto Hateman's head.

Now, the Badfort Crowd are taking advantage of the councillor's expenses row to create further unrest amongst the disillusioned populace.

The Badfort News is calling for a dissolution of the Town Council and an immediate election.

They claim to be speaking as rate payers - but the King of the Badgers informs me that they have never managed to get a cheque out of them that has not bounced.

It's worth noting that the King of the Badgers has said 'sorry'. He's had an apology ready to go for some days, I gather, but held off until the Badfort News got to the matter of some of his own claims: "We have to acknowledge just how bad this situation is and just how angry the public are. We have to start by saying that the system we had and used was wrong and that we are sorry about that."

I fear that the Badfort News articles may have struck a chord with the mood of the general public. They are being incited to march on the Town Hall and 'reclaim' their rates from the Treasurer's Office.

Clearly, Beaver has some ulterior motive. Revolution, rather than reform, is obviously his agenda.

He has issued a tract for change. "My manifesto 'Fermenting Revolution' delivers an empowering message about how individuals can change the world through the simple act of having a pint of Black Tom. I propose that the King of the Badgers Palace been turned into a brewery!" he declared.

It has to be said that the badgers like to party and many are being swayed by this seemingly convivial message.

I fear that this will all end in tears.

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