Monday, 23 July 2007

Black Tom Flood

There has been terrible flooding during the night in the vicinity of Haunted Tower. My detective, A.B.Fox, has discovered that the Badfort Crowd have been using the whole tower as place to brew and store their noxious drink 'Black Tom'. The fact that most inhabitants of Homeward are scared of the ghosts meant that Beaver and his gang could work undisturbed. One spectre, tired of Nailrod's jibes at his lack of haunting skills, decided to take revenge by levitating the bung out of the vast vat of fermenting liquid. This caused a tidal wave to break through the lower walls into the surrounding area.

Unfortunately some of the younger dwarves have taken advantage of the situation and somewhat over-indulged themselves. To put it bluntly they are a little soused. Apparently a young badger has set up a sound system and they are having something called a 'rave'!

Luckily the 'Black Tom' is flowing downhill away from inhabited areas, but that miscreant Hateman has sent a demand for compensation for his illicit hooch!

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