Monday, 6 August 2007

Beach Games

We all had a lovely morning on the beach yesterday. I prefer wallowing in the mud to sea bathing so I sat in my deckchair watching Aunt Maidy and her companion Miss Wace playing water cricket. They both got rather wet. My aunt stood in a pool of water about a foot deep using her umbrella as a bat. Miss Wace stood in another pool, using her handbag as a bat. They bowled to each other in turns, sending up showers of spray and shrieking as they got caught in. It was a rum sort of game, as the only wickets they had were themselves. My Aunt thought it most unfair because she is twice as big as Miss Wace and much easier to hit. But Miss Wace argued her handbag wasn't as good a bat as my aunt's giant umbrella.

Before lunch we had an invigorating game of spigots and all the running about helped us to work up a good appetite.

How nice to have a carefree holiday at last!

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