Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Good Ship 'Uncle'

Cowgill has decided to bring forward the launch date of my rocket which we have christened 'Uncle' - in my honour.

The rocket is powered using the anti-gravity properties of cyclotronic particles. The existence of these particles was one of our first discoveries when we switched on the Large Elephant Collider (LEC).

This is housed in a large circular tunnel beneath Homeward and is 30 km in circumference. It is, of course, the biggest in the world and protons hurtle around it at near light speed. I am very proud of it and when it is switched off I like to ride around it in my traction engine. Great fun!

The only problem with using anti-gravity cyclotronic particles is that they are a bit slow to get warmed up. Cowgill has discovered that Beaver's rocket is powered by 'Black Tom' - highly inflammable and extremely powerful.

He thinks that we will need to steal a march on them - so we could be leaving any day now.

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