Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hateman spoils my holiday

This morning the Old Monkey was kind enough to create a lovely mud pool on the beach.
I was enjoying a lovely wallow when I heard a sort of clanking sound above me.

A miserable, rusty looking, plane appeared. Dripping oil and coughing and hesitaiting in the air it flew low over the beach.

I could see Hateman in the pilots seat and behind him Hitmouse throwing skewers.

Luckily, although a silvery cloud of these small objects could be seen falling from the plane, they all fell harmlessly in the sea.

Then the plane, making a more hideous clanking sound than ever, rose in the air, banked and dipped and rose again. Every moment it looked, and sounded, as if it were going to collapse. Suddenly a great banner unfurled from the tail fin.

It read:


and included a rather unflattering portrait of myself.

As you can imagine this was extremely embarrassing. All the walkers on the promenade turned to look at me and several were pointing and laughing!

This has all made me feel very uneasy.


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