Friday, 3 August 2007

Rudolph bags a shark!

Rudolph has been determined to capture the shark that has been terrorising Sunset Beach. Early this morning he went out in a fishing boat and laid a net across the bay. Before long thrashing water could be heard and it was obvious that his trap had worked.

Imagine our astonishment when the beached shark started shouting and screaming at us! "Get off you fat brother of a tyrant!" he screamed at Rudolph. Suddenly the tail fin fell away and the shark was revealed to be Filljug Hateman in a costume.

It appears that the Badfort Crowd were attempting to lure tourists away from Sunset Beach to their own resort - Moribund Marsh. They bought it up cheap because it had been being used to dispose of toxic waste. The beach is a grey sludgy mud and the accommodation consists of a number of ramshackle old caravans. The Badfort Crowd guaranteed the beach to be shark free based on that fact that Hootman was able to scare them all away. At only £50 per week this seemed like a bargain holiday for the many dwarves of Homeward until they were presented with a bill at the end of the week with additional 'extras' that often amounted to over £500.

Thank goodness we have managed to foil another dastardly plot of those human skunks!

Still I must admit I am rather glad that Sunset Beach has not become over-run with a bunch of noisome dwarves.

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