Friday, 14 December 2007

The Big Tree

Every year at Homeward I like to have a really big tree outside Homeward so that everyone can climb amongst the branches for presents.

Yesterday we were up early so that the great work of decoration could begin.

The Old Monkey is very good at hanging the decorations and presents. He skims up and down the tree. I can hang a lot of the heavier presents just by curling my trunk around a bundle and lifting it among the branches. Then the Old Monkey can fasten them.

All was going well until we noticed that the star on top of the tree had been replaced with an entirely different form of decoration.

In it's place Beaver stood precariously on a branch shouting through a megaphone.
Some nonsense about the fat old tyrant banning the workers from his Christmas party. He accused me of being a humbug and a scrooge.

I say again, I will not be brow-beaten into giving him an invitation to my Christmas Eve Party !

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