Thursday, 2 August 2007

Shark !

With the weather being so nice - I have decided to decamp for a week's holiday at Sunset Beach. We are all staying at Wolf Lodge. Miss Amy Wolf is a wonderful host and her terms are very reasonable. As usual she had prepared a nice little barrel of hot cocoa for my arrival. My retinue were treated to flagons of Hot Joey. One of the attributes of this excellent establishment is the trap door by my bed. The sea is directly beneath so I can have a plunge before breakfast. Sadly, General Boar was staying again. One runs out of excuses to get away from his interminable stories.

Luckily, as the tide was up, most people wanted to bathe at once - so we had the perfect excuse to escape his company. We were all enjoying ourselves immensely until a cry started being repeated across the beach. "Shark !" shouted Miss Maidy. We were all stunned to see a grey fin gliding towards us. Everyone immediately ran from the water.

Miss Amy was beside herself. "I have never known anything like it," she cried "This is the first time a shark has ever been sighted in these parts - it will destroy the tourist trade!"

It has certainly put the dampeners on our holiday.

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