Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A lovely Autumn day

It was a beautiful day today, already feeling quite Autumnal here at Homeward. The Old Monkey, Goodman and I decided to go on a short expedition looking for unexplored towers. It was very pleasant walking along the edge of the moat. Cloutman and Gubbins were mowing my vast lawn and a lovely smell of cut grass was in the air.

We came upon a mysterious tower with red lights in every window and green smoke coming out of several large chimneys. Goodman ran ahead, and soon came scampering back saying that he had discovered a strange door with a notice on it that simply said "Time Portal". Carefully we opened the@&%£$(*())&R%&R*^R^E^QE&%E(^I&R)(*Y_+(U{}

and so that was the end of our very exciting day - as you can imagine we all found it both a very exhilarating and quite emotional experience.

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