Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Flying to New York !

I have set off for New York to see the publishers of my autobiography. Ms Sara is very interested in discussing my cookbook and, of course, the many poems and plays written by my own fair hand. I have, somewhat embarrassingly, been dubbed 'the Bard of Homeward' by the cognoscenti.

I am bringing along the Old Monkey and Goodman as P.A. and Secretary respectively. I have warned them that this is a business trip - but of course they are both very excited about visiting the 'Big Apple'.

The only rather unfortunate incident during the flight was a near miss when some idiot flying a rackety old plane buzzed us. I felt sure I has seen that aircraft before somewhere?...


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  1. Uncle, I wish I'd discovered this blogspot sooner! I've always been a great admirer!