Friday, 21 September 2007

A Treat for Goodman

Goodman is a rescue cat. He used to work for Wizard Blenkinsop who treated him abysmally - and only paid him three saucers of milk a day. So I rescued him. Well, that is to say, I offered him a job. On far higher pay I might add. Unlimited milk and fish. I know, overly generous you might think.

Goodman is a most intelligent cat. He says that he is very glad he is not called 'Cookie' or 'Socks'. His only weaknesses are that he is apt to talk too much and also, very occasionally, to steal fish. He is good at frightening away rats, and sticking stamps straight on letters.

So I gave him work helping out the Old Monkey with my business letters and accounts.

He is also a voracious reader so he sometimes helps out Will Shudder in the library.

Goodman has a strong turn for adventure and reads a lot of detective stories. Sometimes he lies on the floor in the library gently turning the leaves with his paws and purring loudly at exciting places. When he gets to a very thrilling part, he mews, and sometimes he leaves the book and rushes around the room.

His greatest joy has been the occasional jobs he gets as an assistant to the great detective A.B.Fox.

I must say he is very good at walking quietly and finding things out.

As the nights are drawing in now we are going to recommence our literary evenings and every night, next week, A.B.Fox has agreed to read a tale of his early days as a detective working for the Wolferton Detective Agency.

As you can imagine Goodman is terribly excited.

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