Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Future Foretold

A Happy New Year to you all!

I decided that this would be an opportune moment to consult Wizard Blenkinsop on the prospects for the coming year.

He got out his giant crystal ball and we peered into it for revelations on whats to come.

"What is this I see!" he exclaimed "Mister Barack Obama paying a state visit to Homeward, wishing to hear your sage advice on saving the international financial market!"

"Yes, that is something I must put my mind to this year," I replied "I thought it would be only a matter of time before my advice was seeked."

"Oh and I can see that your plans will bear fruit!" declared the Wizard "Your knitting circles will be a great success."

I found this very heartening. The knitting circles are my latest economic initiative. They have a two fold objective - to find employment for those made redundant in the economic downturn and provide warm clothing for the harsh Homeward winter.

"Ha, I see that purple is to make a fashion comeback!" intoned the Wizard "the populace are so clearly enamored of the brilliance of your rule that they wish to emulate you in every way Uncle!"

"Sir, do you think that might be because you have given the knitting circles only purple wool?" queried the Old Monkey.

"No need to be so sceptical!" I chided him.

The Wizard looked deeper into the Crystal Ball.

"Oh this is splendid, Sir!" he cried "I see the Badfort Crowd shopping in one of your supermarkets! They must have turned over a new leaf and heeded your advice to citizens to shop till they drop to aid the economy!"

"Are you sure that your crystal ball is working properly?" I asked increduously.

It seemed unlikely behaviour for the Badfort Crowd.

"Wait...there is some interference...the mist is clearing...I can see now that...oh...." murmured the Wizard.

"Well, what is is? what can you see?" I said impatiently.

"Ur, well actually they seem to be looting the shop!" he said despondently.

At that point there was a crackle from the crystal ball and we could hear Beaver Hateman's voice from the future.

"Go to it lads, this is the way out of an economic recession! be discerning citizens, just leave on the counter what you think is a fair price!"

Through the veil of mist in the crystal ball we could see the Badfort Crowd turn out their pockets and leave some rusty nails, a ball of string and some old chewing gum as payment for the goods they were making off with.

I can see that it is going to be a difficult year.

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  1. Hic. More Black Tom please. Hic.
    Thats the future for me !